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Be Still, My Heart

Composer's Note


"The songs in this collection were composed at various times over a span of 39 years. The performing level and artistic quality of each song, however, are not necessarily commensurate with the date of its creation. "Be Still, My Heart," which was the earliest piece (1967) and is the lead title on the accompanying CD, exhibits a more contemporary approach than several other pieces. What idiom to use- traditional or contemporary- was determined by factors such as the expressive demand and context of the lyrics, the theatrical format (zarzuela, film, etc.) that it was written for, and the idea, image, or event that inspired it. Many of these songs came from zarzuelas or musicales that I wrote at different periods."

Convention Center with Basilica Choir at

Convention Center with Basilica Choir at Baltimore, MD, June 13, 1998

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Be Still, My Heart

The following are select vocal pieces from Be Still, My Heart, all composed by Bayani Mendoza de Leon.

Be Still, My Heart - Vocal Music Composition

Be Still, My Heart - Vocal Music Composition

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Be Still My Heart (1968)

Set to the poem of the same title by the mystic Persian poet, Kahlil Gibran.


Cynthia Wuco Landes, soprano; Sharon Bjorndal, piano