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Composer for the Classical Guitar

Bayani's original solo classical guitar compositions incorporate Philippine folk and indigenous motifs. His “Kapilas na Giting,” the first serious work for guitar composed by a Filipino composer, has been included in a number of CDs by the German guitarist Hucky Eichelmann.


His later works, arrangements, and transcriptions can be found in a CD entitled "Kanta Filipina," performed by Yale graduate classical guitarist Theresa Calpotura, who teaches guitar at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.


Among his other guitar works are "Kudyawit," "Kundimang Walang Titik," "Batang Laro (Child Play) Suite of 7 pieces--all commissioned by Angelito Agcaoili--"Batikusan," "Talagad," "Parang Kahapon Lamang"--all commissioned by Theresa Calpotura--"Ritwal" for Guitar Quartet, commissioned by the UST Guitar Alumni Society, and "Amihan" for Guitar Orchestra, which was especially composed for the 2010 UST International Guitar Festival.


Below are collections of select arrangements and performances.


Kanta Filipina

The following guitar pieces by Bayani Mendoza de Leon, performed by Theresa Calpotura on guitar, are included in the CD entitled "Kanta Filipina" produced by VGo Recordings. For orders, go to

Talagad (Merciful) - Elegy for Guitar

Talagad (Merciful) - Elegy for Guitar

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Talagad (Merciful) - Elegy for Guitar

This piece evolved from the motifs of a dirge called “Talagad” by the Tiruray, a traditional hill people of southwestern Mindanao in the Philippines. The composer sought to capture the chant’s melodic style and exploited to a large degree its scale and arpeggio patterns.